June 2006

Hey gang, I just finished the first Choogoose children's book entitled, 'Super Dooper PBJ.' I am super happy about the results and would love it if anyone and everyone you knew got a copy of the book into their hands. You can download the book online for a short time until I begin sending the book out to publishers in hope of a contract. If you know of any art directors, graphic designers and other in the publishing industry please, please, please help the Choogoose cause by forwarding a link to this website. In addition there are new wallpapers available for everyone to download, enjoy!


April 2006

  Since we have relocated our facilities to Høyanger, Norway, Choogoose has been in high gear trying to produce more of the great kids art you love. The finishing touches of Super Dooper PBJ are being placed as we speak and we look forward to sharing it with you as soon as the paint has dried. Stay tuned to Choogoose.com in the coming weeks to see the results of our hard work.
November 2005:   What a first couple of months is has been. Thanks for all the support everyone, it has made the birthing process of Choogoose all the more enjoyable. Version 2 of Choogoose is now running and we hope to have more improvements as the days come and go. Christmas is coming up pretty fast, and unfortunately we are not going to filling any additional orders of Choogoose Dolls for Christmas due to the current back order status of our production department. However, if you need any artwork for you the holidays, make sure to check out our watercolor collection as well as paintings, or maybe order a custom. For the first time all orders can now be processed directly through the comfort of your own living room. Use the Pay Pal system to place an order and we will have your order out the door as quickly as possible. Make sure to also check out the new Captain Haralds' Kids Gallery where your kids drawings will be seen by millions.